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Nuevo Dia Salon


I am a quintessential salon professional and fashion leader since 1990. With several publications and credits, my name ‘Lisa’ is synonymous with the highest level of style, sensibility and sophistication.

I am a third generation stylist following in my grandparents and father’s footsteps.  With my father as an inspiring mentor, at a young age I was trained as a cutting and color educator. I perform videos, work at hair shows and compete whenever an opportunity arises. I am truly blessed to have found what I love to do.

My work is featured in salon magazines, newsletters, brochures videos and many other publications. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with the industry’s leading photographers, stylists, and make-up artists. This allows me to bring cutting edge quality to my clients. My goal is to work with my clients to create and transform their look that works within their lifestyle.