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Pure Revive Spa

 I have been a Licensed Esthetician for over 13 years. I graduated from the Academy of Cosmetology located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Throughout my thirteen years of experience, I have taken numerous classes from advanced skin care, product knowledge, and business seminars.


      Five years of owning Syrenity Esthetics had been not just a wonderful learning experience but I had, had the privilege of meeting so many amazing clients.  They all watched not just my son grow up, but also welcomed my daughter into their lives as if she was part of their families. Just as I had the pleasure to personally get to know each and everyone while watching their families grow. It was hard to say goodbye to so many wonderful people and close the spa 2016. But with our family completed, we made the decision to move our family to BC; setting down roots for our children to grow up.


     Pure Revive Spa is an exciting new chapter in my life. I believe that everyone should be able to experience pampering that high-end Spa's offer without the large prices. With low prices, Monthly promo’s and a Client Appreciation Rewards Program there is an indulging treatment for everyone to enjoy.


Pure Revive Spa is currently located in my home. I have a dedicated room which is health inspected and also liscensed from the city of Kamloops to operate within my home. I am working towards building my clientel over the next couple years before I find a permenant location outside of my home. I look forward to meeting new clients and giving them an ultimate Spa experience from the moment they step into my home. 


I am excited for what the future holds for Pure Revive Spa.



Jessica Murphy