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A recent poll says Canadians should keep tabs on their beer this weekend

Is that my beer in your hand?
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You show up at a Canada Day party and put your beers in the fridge.

The idea of Bring Your Own Beer has been around for decades, but a recent poll by Research Co. out of Vancouver suggests that not everyone follows the custom of only drinking the beer they brought. While the majority of Canadians (62 per cent) reported they'd only drink what they brought, a significant chunk were more open to checking the cooler and grabbing a cold one.

"One-in-four respondents say they would help themselves to any beer or cider that is in the cooler, but making sure not to consume more than six cans," states the release. "One-in-twenty respondents say they would drink any beer or cider that is in the cooler, even if more than six cans are consumed."

Meanwhile the break down of who's grabbing what isn't necessarily what the researchers expected. While women are more likely to stick with what they brought, Research Co. president Mario Conseco says younger people are less likely to grab whatever they can reach than older people.

“Millennials have sometimes been labelled as egotistical,” says Canseco.“But on this matter, they are more likely to steer clear of other people’s booze than their older counterparts.”

Atlantic Canadians were more likely to pull from their own beers as well (75 per cent), while British Colombians were closer to the average at 69 per cent.



Brendan Kergin

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