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B.C. Wine sets market record

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The B.C. Wine Institute (BCWI) had reason to celebrate on Tuesday (July 9) when it held its annual general meeting at Kelowna’s Manteo Resort.

“It was a special time for us this year because it’s an all-time high of BC VQA wine sold in the B.C. market,” BCWI president and CEO Miles Prodan said.

“So, 19.25 per cent, which is the lion’s share of any other country, really embraces or talks about B.C. support for B.C. wine.”

The 19.25 per cent market share represented a three-and-a-half per cent increase from the previous 12 months.

“It speaks to the quality of product that we’re delivering,” Prodan said. “It also talks to the Buy B.C. initiatives, and it’s really about the consumer embracing it. We’re lucky here in B.C."

“I know when I talk to our counterparts in Ontario, where they produce 100 per cent Ontario wine, they don’t enjoy anywhere near that kind of market share.”

- Kirk Penton, Castanet