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Electric bike rental business launches in Kamloops, storefront to follow

What's got 12 tires, 12 pedals and six electric motors?

The Electra Ride rental bike fleet.

The recently launched business gives locals the chance to explore Kamloops, and the area, on electric bikes (bikes that have small, rechargeable electric motors that assist or replace pedalling).

Gary Holland and Dana Marcano currently have six iGo e-bikes, ready for rental, with four more on order. The duo is currently running Electra as a mobile company.

"We bought a trailer and we're renting them out of a trailer," Holland says.

He got the idea after the pair purchased their own pair of iGo bikes and had fun on them; they've also worked well for more practical reasons, like avoiding traffic jams, he adds.

Holland says the rental bikes provide options and give people a chance to get off the couch and out enjoying area trails (yes, the e-bikes can handle offroading).

"Kamloops needs more to do," he says. "It's something good; there's exercise. There are so many trails being opened up."

While mountain biking can be a bit rigorous for some, Holland says you don't need to be as athletic on an e-bike. The bikes can be pedalled as a usual bike, or run entirely on the electric motor, clocking in at around 32 km/h with a charge lasting 60 km.

Last weekend the pair set up near the Hub in Scotch Creek and rented to locals and people staying at the park.

"They just really enjoyed it," he says. "There was a lot of interest in buying them."

Besides pop-up rentals, anyone interested in trying out an e-bike can email or call 250-434-2245.

"We'll drop them off at their house," Holland says, adding the renter receives a 10-minute run-down of how to use the bikes.

The rental fee is $50 for 2.5 hours, with additional hours costing another $10. 

In addition to the rental business, Holland wants to open up a storefront so they can sell or rent the bikes from there. He's eyeing a downtown location, so people would be able to take them out on Rivers Trail.

In the meantime, you can catch Electra Ride at McArthur Island this weekend.

For more information, click HERE.


Brendan Kergin

About the Author: Brendan Kergin

Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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