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Explore Kamloops: Ladner Creek Trestle Bridge

It may be a cool shot for the 'Gram, but we don't recommend walking on the bridge
(via Instagram/nickisea)

Technically, this hike isn't close to Kamloops.

But we say, if you can handle the nearly two-hour drive on the Coquihalla Highway, it's totally worth it.

Videographer Nigel Baillargeon recently went to the Ladner Creek Trestle Bridge and took some awesome footage. 

The hike takes about half an hour to get to the bridge.

"There is a high risk of falling off the bridge so I recommend taking in the views from the hillside," he writes in an email to KamloopsMatters.

Check out his video below. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram. Search for nigel.explores. 

KamloopsMatters will feature one of Nigel's videos every week. If you have an adventurous spirit, make sure to check back!


Tereza Verenca

About the Author: Tereza Verenca

Tereza Verenca is a multimedia journalist who covers all things Kamloops!
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