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Family donates scooter to Kamloops woman who had hers wrecked by thief

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, a Kamloops grandmother has her mobility back.

On Wednesday (Jan. 15), KamloopsMatters reported that a thief had stolen a medical scooter from a North Shore apartment complex last month. It was returned a few weeks later, in pieces and unusable. 

The equipment belonged to June Seidel, who relied on it to get groceries, make appointments and see her grandkids. 

Following the Dec. 29 theft, Seidel's daughter Amanda launched a GoFundMe page to raise $2,500 to repair or replace the scooter. 

Today (Jan. 17), Amanda got the good news that a family who's father recently passed away wanted to donate his scooter. 

"I was shocked," says Amanda. "I made a post about it and so did (June) a while ago, when it happened, but then no one really reached out. Then I was like, ‘Oh maybe KamloopsMatters.’ Your help helped a lot."

The donation is from Jacquie McMahon and Raymond Johnson of Cache Creek and Denise and Dennis Frey of Spruce Grove.

Amanda picked up the scooter from Mountain Medical this afternoon (it was in the shop for repairs at the time of death). When she brought it home to her mom, there were lots of tears.

"She was so happy. She was crying," says Amanda.

The generosity didn't stop there. One of June's neighbours offered to have her park the scooter in front of his unit, where there's a security camera. 

The GoFundMe page raised $270. Amanda says she plans to buy a scooter cover with that money (right now, a tarp from the dollar store is being used), and a lock. 

"Thank you. Thank you," she says.


Tereza Verenca

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