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Five for Friday: Here's what you can do when social media crashes/the weather gets warm

Cherry the moose at the B.C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops. (via B.C. Wildlife Park)

With temperatures this weekend expected to hit the mid-teens and the mid-week meltdown of Instagram and Facebook this week, we thought we'd offer some ideas to get you away from the screen and stretching your legs.

Go skiing partially nude
We've got no idea if local hills are amenable to the idea of skiing around in your skivvies, but if there's a time to find out, it's now, while the weather is warm and the hills are still snowy.

Go swimming suited up
Yes, it'll be chilly, but we're not suggesting you go swimming in your swim trunks. A full ice rescue suit is a mere several hundred dollars, and that should keep warm for a few minutes, or at least until you get hit by a mini-iceberg.

Take up an extreme sport
No more pussyfooting around it. This is the year you tackle that terrifying/rewarding hobby of ice mountain biking/base jumping crossed with extreme ironing. Don't jump right in though; at least try riding a bike through downtown Kamloops first.

Spring cleaning
Wait, how'd this get in here?

B.C. Wildlife Park
We don't have anything funny to say about this (not that you think any of the previous entries were funny), it's just a nice time of the year to go visit the animals as they stretch their own legs/wings/spines/whatever and enjoy the warm weather.

As a bonus we're including this link to the city's map, which marks parks and trails throughout Kamloops.

Five for Friday is our weekly feature highlighting five of...something. Usually topical. If you have any thoughts or future ideas for us, let us know at


Brendan Kergin

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Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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