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Five for Friday: Top five 'colds' to help you through this flu season

We can definitely get behind some of these colds
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With this year's flu season ramping up, chances are you've already been hit with the sniffles, a cough or much worse. 

It's pretty difficult to make it through this frigid season without catching some sort of ailment. And as the host who first infected the rest of our office with a sickness, I can tell you firsthand that colds (and those who have them) often get a bad rap.

But not all colds are terrible. If you're suffering from sickness right now, here are five of our favourite colds to help cheer you up.

Out of the Cold Kamloops

The shelter that operates out of St. Paul’s Cathedral offers a reprieve from the winter to the city's less fortunate. Every Wednesday and Sunday from the first week in November to the last week in March, the volunteer-run shelter offers a warm bed, delicious home-cooked hot meals and clothing to people living on the streets during the winter.

"Cold as Ice," Foreigner

Everyone knows this banger from the legendary rock band that happens to be Kamloops-bound next month. In fact, if you've never sung that iconic opening line under your breath when someone was ignoring you, you're probably lying.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The poster boy for the Attitude Era, Stone Cold combined beer drinking and brash moves into one awesome superstar that even rivalled the Rock at his peak.

Also, the Stone Cold Stunner is one of the best (and easiest) moves to bust out when wrestling family members and friends.

CFB Cold Lake

Home to the 419 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, this Alberta base has some strong Kamloops ties. First commanded by Kamloops native John Fulton during the Second World War, the "Moosemen" flew many missions in Europe. While Fulton was killed in action, the squadron still has strong ties to the city today, celebrating its 75th anniversary back in 2016 in town. 

Out Cold

The forgettable, raunchy snowboarding comedy from the early 2000s introduced the world to Zach Galifianakis, so we'll always have that to be thankful for.

The movie was shot in B.C., mostly at Grouse Mountain and in the tiny village of Salmo, so you also have to give it props for supporting the provincial economy! And while stretches of the film are pretty "meh," Dave Koechner's Stumpy is worth watching alone.

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