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Flying out of Kamloops today? Double check your schedule

Some flights to and from Calgary have been delayed
Kamloops Airport. (via Brendan Kergin)

Delays at airports outside the River City have caused some delays at the Kamloops Airport.

Arrivals and departures involving flights to and from Calgary have been delayed, according to airport manager Heather McCarley.

"Today, we're having some issues with the Calgary in and out," she says. "Yesterday, we had some delays from Vancouver."

While many on social media have been discussing the snowy weather in Vancouver, flights so far today between Vancouver and Kamloops haven't been affected, McCarley says (though flights between Vancouver and Victoria are listed as delayed or cancelled on the Vancouver International Airport website).

McCarley adds there is potential for flights to be delayed later today.

In the meantime, Kamloops Airport crews are taking the local snowfall in stride.

"Our teams are out; it's fairly routine," she says.

Anyone heading to the airport to greet an arrival can keep up-to-date with arrivals online. For those flying from Kamloops, the airport is updating its list, but the individual airlines will have the most current information. 

"They have those great notifications for travellers to help keep people up-to-date," McCarley says. "It is always a good idea when you're travelling to check with your airline or travel agent."

For those who have decided the nearby Kelowna Airport is a better option, they're facing similar issues. A flight to Toronto has been cancelled and a flight to Seattle has been delayed.


Brendan Kergin

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Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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