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Free Root Beer Day is back at A&W Canada this weekend

(via A&W Canada/Facebook)

The only thing better than a frosty mug of root beer is a FREE frosty mug of root beer, and that’s exactly what A&W Canada is going to be handing out this weekend.

A&W is marking their annual Free Root Beer Day on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

The way Free Root Beer Day works is pretty simple. Go to A&W, get a free root beer. There is, however, a limit of one per customer.

A&W is pretty proud of their root beer, which they say is made with cane sugar and natural ingredients like birch bark and sarsaparilla root. If you want to study up on it, the fast food chain has a whole FAQ page about their root beer. Or if you just want a freebie, skip the studying and head to A&W on Saturday to get your hands on your root beer.

– Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver is Awesome