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Garage door openers among items thieves will target: Kamloops RCMP

garage door opener
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Local police are once again reminding Kamloops residents that some people are jerks and they will break into your vehicle to steal virtually anything.

One of the items Kamloops RCMP are asking people to remove from their car when they go in at night is their garage door openers. 

“Unfortunately, warmer weather means that more thieves are roaming the streets. The only way to protect your vehicle and your home is to always lock the doors and take all valuables out of the car, including the garage door opener,” says Cpl. Jodi Shelkie in a release. 

According to police, over the past week, they've received calls about thefts from vehicles where doors were left unlocked, thefts where the doors were locked but valuables were left inside so a window was broken, and thefts where a garage door opener was used and access gained to a residence, where more items were stolen.

“Every year in the spring we experience an increase in calls for thefts from vehicles,” says Cpl. Shelkie in the release. "This year is no different.”

Whether it's a guitar, a briefcase or even a charger, any items left in your car can attract unwanted attention from unpleasant people.

To report a crime, call Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000. 


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