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'I'm still in shock': Tumbler Ridge woman wins $10 million

Amanda Hobson (left) presents Vivienne Mills with her cheque for $10,150,393.10 at the BCLC headquarters in Kamloops on April 23. (via Eric Thompson)

When she got an email notification from, at first Vivienne Mills thought she had just won another miniscule prize, like a free play or a dollar.

It took a while for reality to actually sink in. The Tumbler Ridge woman had won the $10-million in the April 3 Lotto 6/49 draw.

"I went into the account and seen this 10 cents, then my eyes kept moving to the left and I seen the $10 million," says Mills. "My husband was sleeping, he was in a dead sleep and I woke him up and said, 'You'd better come have a look at this. I don't know what's going on here. Is this fake?' So he went into town and got a printout and we matched it up... and here we are. It's very real."

Even weeks later, it was still sinking in as Mills visited the BCLC headquarters in Kamloops to pick up her cheque.

"I'm still in shock. A lot of shock," she says. "Just today (April 23) with all of the media and stuff, it's starting (to hit me)."

A 35-year resident of the small mining community in northeast British Columbia, Mills hasn't finalized her plans for the winnings, noting it's just so much. However, she expressed an interest in giving back to the seniors in her community and donating some of it to the small medical facility in town.

She also wants to share the money with her family and get her two children and four grandchildren set up for the future. 

"We're pretty simple people. We're not extravagant, we're pretty down to earth," she says. "So I'm sure some things will change in our world but nothing major. Pay a few bills, that sort of thing, just like everybody else does."

The one thing she'd like just for herself is a smaller car, as the family currently has a truck and she wants something smaller that’s easier to park. 

Mills doesn't know what six numbers led to her jackpot win, as she always plays quick picks online. 

"It's just something to do, it's just a game, like Bingo," says Mills. "If you go into it with your last paycheque and think you need to win this, you probably shouldn't be playing. If you're just in it for the fun of it and you've got a little extra cash, just go for it."


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