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It's official: Kamloops broke a 120-year-old heat record today

Time for a cold one
The sun. (via Eric Thompson)

If you've been cursing the sun today, that's to be expected, it hit (at least) 39 C today, making it the hottest Aug. 9 on record.

Records started in 1898. That's 120 years.

Environment Canada meteorologist Shayne Keetley says the government agency hasn't measured an official maximum yet, because as of 4:45 p.m. they hadn't actually observed the temperature go down yet.

"The daytime high is probably being reached around this time of day," he says. "Maybe the next observation will show (a decrease)."

The previous record, though, was set at 37.8 C (on Aug. 9, 1898), a 1.2 C difference.

"Several records have fallen today across the province," Keetley says. "We're in the process of verifying how many fell, because quite a few fell."

At least a half dozen other cities and towns in the Southern Interior broke records, including Merritt, Blue River and Golden. Keetley says the government agency is in the midst of collecting all the data still, so the final tally for how many records were set isn't known.

Depending on where you were today, it could have felt warmer.

IMG_0340 (1)The local weather station is located at the Kamloops Airport, while the Schoening Funeral Service sign is downtown. (via Eric Thompson)



Brendan Kergin

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