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Kamloops Tsunami continue win streak in Merritt

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The Kamloops Tsunami Swim Club recorded 44 top-five finishes in individual events at a swim meet in Merritt this past weekend.

Some of the highlights include an impressive one-minute, seven-second improvement in the 100m freestyle by Siena McDonald and a 16-second improvement in the 100m individual medley by Victoria Karpuk.

Karpuk had a big day managing to set personal records in each of her six events and Jared Roberts had five personal times.

Kayleigh Roberts and Jared Roberts both won gold medals in the girls division 1 and boys division 2, respectively. Caiden Blackall had a bronze medal in the division 2 boys while Michael Karpuk earned the bronze medal in the division 3 boys.  

Four personal records were set by Atticus Cooluris, Thea Prochotsky, Michael O’ Flaherty, Austin Waters, Kayleigh Roberts, Tucker Bruneau, Grace Cassidy and Alexandra Karpuk.

Myles Prochotsky, Skye Cooluris and Michael Karpuk had three personal records of their own. Siena McDonald, Mary-Kate Paeth and Issac Paeth each recorded two records.

Chiara McDonald, Caiden Blackall, Ali Hawkings, Raina McEachern-Toombs, Kara Branchflower and Jack Savage each set one personal best time.

In the relays, the club performed just as well with the boys division 1 finishing first place in the 200m freestyle relay. Liam Blackall, Myles Prochotsky, Issac Paeth and Atticus Cooluris featured for the club.

The boy’s division 3 team featuring Tucker Bruneau, Michael Karpuk, Jared Roberts and Caiden Blackall finished in first place in the 200m medley relay and similarly the girls “O” category 2 team of Kara Branchflower, Alexandra Karpuk, Raina McEachern-Toombs and Hayley Branchflower finished in top spot.

The boys division 3 team of Jared Roberts, Michael Karpuk, Caiden Blackall and Cooper Heide finished in first place in the 200m freestyle relay and the girls division 4 team of Kayleigh Roberts, Ali Hawkings, Victoria Karpuk and Grace Cassidy finished in second place with the girls “O” category 2 team of Alexandra Karpuk, Hayley Branchflower, Kara Branchflower and Raina McEachern-Toombs coming in second in the same event.

The team will be back in action on July 13 and14 at the Penticton Invitational Swim Meet.

For more information on the Tsunami Swim Club and upcoming meets, click HERE

Alvin Mutandiro, KamloopsMatters