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LETTERS: Cannabis legalization will put the young at risk

(via Pixabay)

Dear Editor:

Having had a career in education and seen the results of other brain-altering drugs on young minds, I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath on this one. Add this issue to alcohol and I’m sure glad I no longer have to supervise any more school dances! For medical purposes OK, much like fentanyl! But I’d like to know what experience Justin Trudeau has had with the stuff that makes him think that keeping the money out of the hands of the criminal element is worth putting young brains at risk.

Considering the fact that our Prime Minister promised that all his legislation would be evidence-based, I’m wondering what his evidence is and where he got it. He is too young to have had first-hand experience of the free-everything times of the '60s. So he didn't get any evidence there. But he may have whiffed a puff or two about the time he was studying Tennyson’s The Lotus Eaters in high school. That’s worth a fantasy or two, but certainly not enough evidence to support a societal shift threatening the young. I just think that like all medications or any other chemicals we should be using the precautionary principle.

Ah well, just call me undoubtedly dubious.

– Ian MacKenzie, Kamloops, B.C.