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Man gets two distracted driving tickets 45 minutes apart

After a ticket blitz last week, the message still didn't get through to one man
car and phone
Police are reminding Kamloops residents to put the phone down while driving. (via Pexels)

If Kamloops RCMP were upset by the high number of distracted drivers they found in last week's blitz, this week's incident might give them a full-on migraine.

On March 27, an officer pulled a man over for using an electronic device and issued a ticket for $368.

Then, only 45 minutes later, just a few blocks away, the officer recognized the same man. He was again using his phone and was issued another ticket.

All told, the two stops could cost him up to $1,431, according to police. His licence could also be subject to review by the superintendent of motor vehicles and he could face a possible driving ban.

Yesterday, Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said she wasn't sure what it would take for the message about using electronic devices to get to people. 

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