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PHOTOS: A look at the 2018 wildfire season from a firefighter's perspective

Crews from across the province posted images to Facebook all summer long
ARM Delta (L to R): Orrin Watkinson with the Williams Lake wildfire detachment (Vesta Unit Crew H), Wayne Paul, Dennis George, CL Jason J-dub Walch, Leslie Johnson and Joel Paul - Aug. 23, 2018. (via Facebook/ARM / CAFE / Ecolink)

As this year's wildfire season winds down, we wanted to share photos from the frontlines. 

We've collected Facebook images from across B.C. of firefighters at work.

It's not always an easy job. Crews have had to deal with blistering temperatures, long shifts (some even as long as 16 hours), dehydration and being away from family and friends.

And forget about sleeping in a bed. These folks are no strangers to sleeping in tents with just a sleeping bag. 

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We'll let the photos/videos tell the rest of the story...