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Soccer Quest in Kamloops is staying put, please stop asking

Soccer Quest
(via Google Maps)

Ever since it was announced that North Shore staple the Dirty Jersey was closing, the co-tenants at 1224 Eighth St. have also had to field questions about their future.

Dave Spendlove, owner of Soccer Quest, says he and his staff have been asked when they would close about a dozen times a week for the past four months. Now, he wants to put those inquiries to bed by announcing the business agreed to extend their lease for another 10 years.

"This business has been a great success, especially for the North Shore," he says. "We service over 4,000 people a year. And all we ever seem to get is negativity from the media and the rumour mill in town, if you want to call it that."

Soccer Quest has been incredibly busy for the past few years, leading to them exploring new ways to increase their capacity. For a while, they were in negotiations with the building owner, Coppertree Developments, to purchase their North Shore property when their lease expired. Eventually, they agreed to extend the lease — which doesn't expire until next year — for another decade. And plans for expansion are still in the works.

"We've been looking for a second location in another part of the city, but as of yet, nothing is concrete," Spendlove tells KamloopsMatters. "We're totally full and we have been for the last two years."

Soccer Quest has had a location on the North Shore for the last five years and will continue to well into the future. As for who their new basement neighbours will be, Spendlove says tenants for the basement space are already in negotiations but he couldn't elaborate on who will occupy it.