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Stay off the river ice, warns Kamloops Fire Rescue

Crews tend to a man after he was pulled out of the ice last winter. (via Eric Thompson)

With Kamloops in the middle of a deep freeze, Kamloops Fire Rescue is asking the public to avoid walking on river ice. 

"The ice is starting to build up. There wasn’t really any significant ice before, but now with the colder weather, people are starting to feel more confident in the ice and not realizing there are still currents and everything underneath, and it may look solid on top, but it’s not," Lyle Weninger, life safety educator for KFR, tells KamloopsMatters.

If you are walking along the river, be extra cautious if you have a pet with you.

If your furry companion does fall through the ice, don't attempt to rescue it, says Weninger. 

"If the ice is thin enough that a pet’s gone through the ice, you’re probably going to go through the ice as well. A lot of the times, the pets get themselves out of the ice."

Kamloops Fire Rescue responds to a "few incidents" every year, says Weninger.

If you do happen to see a pet or someone fall through the ice, call 911 immediately, and stay on the shore. 


Tereza Verenca

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