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Summit Drive overpass next major project on city's to-do list

The project was last estimated at $5 million
Summit Drive looking north. (via Google Street View)

It's not an uncommon sight to see university students dashing across Summit Drive, but the city's next major project will likely take care of that.

A pedestrian overpass across Summit Drive has been discussed often over the years, but its time is finally coming as the Peterson Creek Multi-Use Pathway nears completion.

City development director Marvin Kwiatkowski says that starting next year, the city will begin saving for the project.

"With current funding, we put a half a million a year into the major project funding, and this year's funding is taken up with Peterson, and then next year, we'll start on building the fund," he tells KamloopsMatters. "So at a $5-million project at $500,000 a year, we're at 10 years with the current funding level."

The $5-million estimate is a couple of years old, Kwiatkowski says. He adds the 10-year mark is the longest timeline for raising the money, and the city will look for other ways to fund the project, like grants. The hope is to have it done sooner, potentially within five years, he says. (The Peterson Creek pathway project received a $1-million grant, which moved it ahead two years.)

During Tuesday's council meeting, Coun. Donovan Cavers brought up a recent incident in Prince George, where a university student was killed crossing a road and inquired about the Summit Drive overpass. Kwiatkowski says the city and university were already in discussions about the project.

"Does it bring any more urgency? I think it just brings it to light and it opens up more dialogue, but there already was dialogue," he says. "The discussions were happening already."

While the timeline might be moved up if more money becomes available, Kwiatkowski says it's unlikely it'll be any longer than 10 years. He adds the university is "keen" on the project.


Brendan Kergin

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