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Support the Kamloops Arts Council by buying a piece of wearable art

Offerings include tank tops, leggings, headbands and tote bags
The Kamloops Arts Council office will have samples of their 'wearable art.' (via Eric Thompson)

It's been said good art is subjective. It can take any form: from a canvas to a sculpture to – thanks to the latest effort by the Kamloops Arts Council – a pair of pants.

As part of its 50th-anniversary celebration, the KAC has teamed up with local artist Kristina Benson to design a new line of branded "wearable art."

"Artists interpret the world on behalf of others," Benson said in a press release. "Nurturing the gifts of artists creates a cycle that enriches us all. I feel blessed to support through this collaboration with the Kamloops Arts Council. They inspire me to inspire others."

The offerings include tank tops, leggings, headbands and tote bags. Partial proceeds from each sale will go to the KAC to support its accessible community arts programs, like the Crossing Bridges Outreach, the Art Exposed Regional Exhibition, the Kamloops Children's Arts Festival and more.

"We're incredibly honoured that Kristina has partnered with us on this project," said Kathy Sinclair, KAC's executive director, in the release. "The designs are not just for KAC fans – they're eye-catching pieces in their own right that can be worn for years to come."

Samples will be available for viewing at the Kamloops Arts Council office (7 Seymour St. West) and at the KAC booth at Art in the Park on Canada Day, July 1st in Riverside Park.

Items can also be purchased online (click HERE). 


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