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VIDEO: Big kitty caught on camera

cat cougar
(via Becky Murray Rothlander/Facebook)

Becky Murray Rothlander had an unexpected visitor stroll past her home recently.

A surveillance camera caught a cougar casually strolling past her home and down the street.

The big cat was caught on camera at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday (July 9) on Ponderosa Way in Coldstream near Kalamalka Park.

Cougars are common throughout the Okanagan. While typically elusive, there have been several sightings in the North Okanagan this year.

If someone does spot a cougar near a residential area, they should call the RAPP line immediately at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

Conservation officer Micah Kneller urges people to call right away as that will give officials a better idea of where the cats are, but does not mean they will destroy the animal.

Often cougars are spotted simply walking through an area, but if they are acting aggressively, action will be taken.

— Darren Handschuh, Castanet