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VIDEO: Dashcam catches some pretty poor driving in Kamloops

(via Jonothan Kalf/YouTube)

If you've driven the roads around Kamloops, or really anywhere, you've probably seen some manoeuvres that make you wonder how the operator of said vehicle got their licence.

In a compilation video posted to YouTube, a man has collected dashboard camera shots of some highlights, or rather, lowlights from around Kamloops. User Jonathan Kalf, who has posted videos in the past of mistakes made on the road, uploaded Bad drivers in Kamloops 3 earlier this week, and boy does it have some doozies.

Favourites in our office are the white pickup tackling a median on the highway (he makes it, but that's probably not something to try to replicate) and the non-yield at the intersection of Seymour Street and Victoria Street.


Brendan Kergin

About the Author: Brendan Kergin

Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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