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VIDEO: Logging truck caught illegally crossing Red Bridge could face fine

Illegal truck
A logging truck can be seen crossing the narrow Red Bridge in Kamloops. (via Twitter/Naranjuita Dulce)

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is reminding heavy commercial vehicle drivers that crossing the Red Bridge in Kamloops is illegal. 

The warning comes after a video was posted to Twitter on Thursday (Dec. 12), of a logging truck breaking the law.

The Red Bridge has a four-tonne weight limit restriction, so it's illegal for a loaded logging truck to use the bridge, according to the ministry. 

"The weight-restriction signage is clearly posted in both directions leading up to the bridge," reads a statement from the province. "In 2018, the ministry installed two additional advanced warning signs on Mount Paul Way to allow ample notice for trucks to turn off before reaching the bridge. We also refreshed the existing weight-restriction signage at each end of the bridge and in each direction on Lorne Street."

The ministry says Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) monitors and patrols the Red Bridge regularly, and looks for oversized vehicles. 

"CVSE is conducting an investigation to determine the logging truck company that was seen using the bridge in the video. The company would be subject to a fine," the ministry says. 

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call 1-888-775-8785. 


Tereza Verenca

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