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WildSafe Wednesday: White-tailed deer in its winter best

A deer stopped for a snack near a camera near Kamloops
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A deer finds some food near Kamloops. (via WildSafe B.C./Vimeo)

A white-tailed deer wandering near Kamloops earlier this month was showing off its winter coat.

The video, posted by Wildsafe B.C. as part of its WildSafe Wednesday series, shows the deer looking around and finding something to chew on.

WildSafe B.C. says, in the video description, the deer is feeding on a type of lichen, which is a common food source during the winter months. Even though it's been a long winter, the deer is "in surprisingly good shape."

The program, funded by the British Columbia Conservation Foundation, is currently recruiting for its coordinators.

Brendan Kergin

About the Author: Brendan Kergin

Brendan Kergin is a digital reporter based in Kamloops.
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