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Freeze Athletics stays cool in Orlando heat

Three local cheerleading teams showed well in their first trip to Summit Championships
Freeze Athletics
(via Shelly Cantelo Photography)

Cheerleading teams from Interior Freeze Athletics returned from Orlando this week, after competing in their first-ever Summit Championship. 

"It was great! We had all three teams perform great run-throughs of their routines, two of which came away with zero deductions," says Keri Lewis, co-owner of Interior Freeze Athletics.

"The girls had a ton of fun and we especially liked participating in the Canadian showcase on the iconic football field, which had the best teams in Canada showing off their routines to major cheerleading social media outlets and the rest of Summit participants."

The week marked a successful first trip for the local cheerleading facility to what is the biggest competition in the world for youth cheerleading. Frost Bite, their international Senior Level 2 finished 16th out of 34 teams, coming within four spots of a finals appearance.

Along with Frost Bite, Arctic Chill (a Senior Level 4 team) and Shiver (a Junior Level 3 team) also qualified for the event, becoming the first teams from Interior B.C. to make Summit. 

Learn more about their historic qualification effort HERE.


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