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Reichenbach, Roland
Roland Reichenbach. (via Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services)

How do you define the life of a man who has influenced a thousand others in the most positive and enduring of ways?

Roland was a lover of all things creative and artistic. His vision of life was avant-garde, eclectic and esoteric, especially in how he chose to celebrate both the micro and the macrocosmic realms. As an alchemist, he peered beyond the veil of the norm and gazed into the face of the sacred.

As our beloved trickster, he spoke hard truths to power; as a chronicler, he kept our stories and recounted them with reverential joy; and as weaver, he wove the brilliant life-strands of his people together in a tapestry of vibrant colour. His warm and welcoming house was his loom. 

Roland did not have a large immediate family. He is survived only by his brother, Rudy Reichenbach of Ober-Roden, Germany. Yet Roland is also survived by a family of hundreds who loved him as father figure, brother, mentor, spiritual guide and dear friend. He was celebrated as a Grand Master of the Solstice Family and was honoured to be a godfather to many children.

Everyone who knew him is a little better because they stood next to a lustrous being who encapsulated loyalty, courage and compassion. Generous without reservation, he loved unconditionally, accepted all with open arms, and transcended cultures and languages.   

Roland travelled the world and had many celebrated adventures and wondrous experiences that could rival those of Picasso, Leary or Ginsberg. His life shall be the grist of legend for years to come.

There will be a party this Saturday, April 21, at Roland’s home beginning at high noon. There, while we will sadly say "goodbye," we will also share our stories and express our gratitude for having had such an inspirational spirit in our midst: a man whose stoic battle with the ‘thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’ was ended when he slipped away to add his boisterous laughter to those clouds in need of more thunder.  

"All things lean toward the sun."

 The Solstice Family