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SELBEE, Lorne Kevin

Lorne Kevin Selbee, 1951-2019. (via Drake Cremation and Funeral Services)

Kevin was born on Nov. 12, 1951, and passed away peacefully on March 7, 2019, at his home in Clearwater.

He is predeceased by his mother, Margaret Mary “Peggy” Selbee and survived by his father, Lorne Dale Selbee, and his brothers and sisters: Phillip (Donna) Selbee, Deanna (Dave) Tomlinson, Allen (Linda) Selbee, Christine (Eric) McLean, McGarry (Kim) Selbee, Scott (Sandra) Selbee, Laureen (Mark) Jensen, and Colleen Demers. In addition, holding him close to their hearts and memories are 26 nieces and nephews and 21 great nieces and nephews.

Kevin, the oldest of nine children, was born in Kamloops. He excelled in school and taught himself to play the guitar. He shared his love of music and art with his siblings and especially with his nieces and nephews. The “House of the Rising Sun” was a favourite and was sure to make an appearance at any family gathering that included Kevin and his guitar.

He was a gentle soul with a fierce attitude, who spent much of his early life in Ottawa, pursuing his studies. His socialist views led him to become a statistician that focused on the nonprofit sector and volunteerism and included research on vulnerable women and populations. An accomplished scholar in Sociology, he travelled around the world presenting his academic research papers. He always set the bar high for himself, achieving an honours in his undergraduate degree and winning the Senate medal for outstanding academic performance while achieving his PhD from Carleton University. Kevin never gave up seeking knowledge and higher learning, and by doing so inspired us to achieve our goals and aspirations, no matter what.

Kevin also loved nature, camping, winning board games (losing was not an option), and debating anything and everything under the sun. But, his greatest joy was spending time with his nieces and nephews, many of whom consider him their “cool uncle.”

Kevin retired and moved to Clearwater in 2017 where he volunteered at the local food bank. He will be missed deeply by his family and friends. A celebration of his life will be arranged later this year.

Memorial donations may be made to the Clearwater and District Food Bank Society where Kevin volunteered. Cheques can be mailed to 742B Clearwater Village Road, Clearwater, B.C. V0E 1N1.

A poem for Kevin, who shared his humanity with everyone he met:

The old sweater. 

It is but a worn and imperfect beauty which speaks to me of completion, the turning of the earth and the churning of the waters, and our complete inability to control or command any of it.

This, however, is not a shallow, empty beauty, one which comes from our once idealistic, self-serving youth. Rather the beauty of a life well worn, like a favourite sweater, all snagged and torn. Beauty which seeks, only comfort and warmth.

The snags and imperfections speak of hardship and strife, to often used against us, ridged pillars, rather than the markings of life.

We forget there is truth and beauty within, a sacred humanity, untarnished and unhindered by the depth of our skin.

When all is complete, we turn away from the din and the temporary and tattered are stripped from our skin.

There is only one beauty we, by right may command, to share our humanity or stand ridged in our skin.

– Colleen M. Demers, 2019

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